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My Favorite Beach in Phuket

As many of my friends know, I love Thailand and so many of it’s glorious islands.  Just not super touristy Phuket.   We had 3 free nights at a Marriott resort expiring, so it made sense to give Phuket Marriott Nai Yang Resort and Spa a chance to prove me wrong.  Located a few miles from the airport my expectations were reasonably quite low….little did I know that I would find my favorite beach in Phuket here…


Favorite Beach in Phuket
Nai Yang Beach Cove

Driving from Phuket airport on the north west end of the island we started to wind south through the verdant coastal jungle forest of Sirinath National Park. Arriving at a secluded cove of Nai Yang Beach I was gobsmacked. Before me was a huge cove with the softest white sand expanding as far as the eyes can see.  The  crystal clear turquoise water was as warm as a bathtub. How can this beauty be in Phuket and within 3 miles of the airport?! I was definitely proven wrong.

Serene Nai Yang Beach Cove
Serene Nai Yang Beach Cove

This resort is set in a large private sheltered bay surrounded by the trees of the park.  We had the cove to ourselves.  Though we were told that the hotel was at 97% occupancy.  It was absolutely delightful to frolic and lounge in the crystal clear water with no one in sight. I felt like I was in Bora Bora – the water was that beautiful, warm and clean.  

Crystal Clear Water of Nai Yang Beach - my favorite in Phuket
Crystal Clear Water of Nai Yang Beach - my favorite in Phuket

Walking north on the beach we found many cute cafe’s and villages with good restaurants, shops and massage places. We really enjoyed the ambiance and food at Mama Nang Restaurant. Located right on the beach, the cooks customized a few dishes to suit my vegan diet. Their spring rolls were amazing!

Just a bit past the Nai Yang Village, is the airport which is located right on the beach. Crowds gather on the sand to watch the sunset and planes take off and land above their heads. Quite a sight.

My favorite Beach in Phuket
My favorite Beach in Phuket

The cove of Nai Yang is truly spectacular and is now one of my personal top 5 favorite beaches in the world.   It is that good!  

Place to Visit near The Best Beach in Phuket

One of our favorite organizations in the world is the Soi Dog Foundation.  For those of you who know us well, know that we have been supporters of this charity organization for years! Their main location is in Phuket really close to Nai Yang Beach.  And yes, they are open to visitors.

Since 2003, Soi Dog has been saving the lives of dogs and cats in Phuket and in Thailand overall.  And now, Soi Dog is also helping all over Asia to stop the illegal dog meat trade.  

We cannot say enough good things about this organization.  So, if you are in Phuket perhaps visiting our favorite beach you may check them out.


Wrap Up - Best Beach in Phuket

Have you been to Nai Yang Beach?  What did you enjoy the most?  What did we miss?  Is there an even better beach that we missed?  Have you checked out our other post about Phuket

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  1. Great beaches – hotel looks beautiful – you should really enjoy your return next year.

  2. The beach looks awesome. I will make sure to check it out on our trip to Asia next summer.