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Dancing Pandas Weekly Review. July 21-28 2019

July 21 2019 review


We were on our last night of a 4 day stay at the Courtyard in Belgrade, Serbia. Its a category 2 hotel at 12,500 points a night for an award redemption. We paid cash using the 4th night free perk on the Citi Prestige credit card. No suite upgrade here but the room was big enough. The top floor faced a quiet area with a beautiful view of a wall ;o)

The location was right off the old town facing the main square which had been under construction this past year. Supposed to be finished in a few months. The hotel felt new and the staff was great. At check in we were given the option of a $10 USD/per person/per night food credit or 1000 points/per stay. The points are valued around .7 cents each, $7 total for the stay. Umm, food credit please! Neither of us are big breakfast lovers so we used the combined $20 daily credit towards our dinner bill through room service. Food was hot and tasty every night and the credit practically washed out the charge.


We did the 1.5 hr bus ride up to Novi Sad, Serbia. We purchased return tickets at the Belgrade bus station. Here we stayed in the Sheraton. This is a category 3 at 17,500 points. We paid cash here also to use the 4th night free perk from Citi Prestige. We are really working  this perk since it will be devalued to only twice per year in September. Here we received a junior suite upgrade and access to the lounge on the top floor above us. The lounge had the business center in there and served free local wine, beer, and sodas from 6pm-7:30pm.


We caught the bus(#61/62) for a 25 minute ride to Sremski Karlovci, Serbia. Cool little town along the Danube river that we explored for a few hours. Many of local white and some red wines come from here.


We bused back to Belgrade.  We had  purchased return bus tickets. These are valid for 60 days post purchase.  However, with return tickets we had to check in early enough to secure a seat for our desired time. If sold out we would have to wait. In hind sight we should have bought two, one-way tickets to not restrict our return options with times and companies. There are many different bus companies running all day long. This time I booked a cheap Airbnb closer to the airport. We had to hit the sheets early for a brutally early 6:30 am W!zz flight to Lyon,France.


We woke at 4:00 am and tried the Bolt( Their local Uber) app. No cars available. Ugg! Now we had to walk out to the street corner in the dark to hail down a cab. It also had to take a credit card since we like to burn all local cash before we transition to another country. Two good things then happened. 1)We caught a qualifying cab immediately. 2)We didn’t get stabbed, robbed, or both, in the process ;o) Once we checked in we had 30 minutes to burn so we hit the business lounge which our Priority Pass card gives us free access to, for two. Quick coffee/tea, some eats and then off we W!zz’d to France.

What we posted


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Wrap Up

Hopefully there is something in here to make your future travel planning easier. Let us know if you have any questions. 

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