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Dancing Pandas Week In Review: August 4-11 2019

Week Aug 4-11

Grr. I hate making mistakes. Last Sunday I went to check in for a flight that night from Montreal-Toronto that I THOUGHT I had booked months prior. I hadn’t. Anything booked, I put in my Google calendar. If it’s not booked but I plan to, I’ll put a ‘?’ At the end of it. For example, I may put ‘YUL-YYZ 6:30p-7:30p ?”. Well I had this on the date of travel, ‘YUL-YYZ 6:30p-7:30 /”. I didn’t think anything of it until later when I looked at the key board and concluded I forgot to press the shift button and got a ‘/’ instead of a ‘?’. Ok, panic time. Now getting ‘the look’ from Masha. We were supposed to be flying with her parents. Flights were selling for $300+ for the 1 hr 10 min flight. I logged in to my Aeroplan account and was surprised to see award availability for the same flight.  I quickly transferred over 7.5Kx2/15K total Amex Membership Reward points into my Aeroplan account. The transfer was immediate. I then paid the $181.94CAD/$137USD taxes/fees for the both of us. Done! Getting ‘the look’, no longer. Phew! Lesson learned? Review travel plans at least a week before. The flight was seamless. We pretty much hung around Toronto for the week enjoying our old stomping grounds and visiting her folks.

Aeroplan Booking
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