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Dancing Pandas Week In Review, July 28-August 24 2019

Every Sunday I like to post out a summary of what we posted and what we did for the week. So here’s Dancing Pandas week in review.

What We Posted


I reveal one of my ‘Oops’. Fixing My Hotel Booking Mistake


I start to share some insight on how we use miles and points to travel. The Worlds Longest Flight, SIN-EWR. Mini Review And How We Booked It

What We Did

Beginning of the week we were in Lyon, France. I booked a place about a 25 minute walk east of the center. It was a cheap Hotels.com that had all the boxes checked. Good ratings, location, kitchen, etc. Except one thing I overlooked, A/C.

Grr! No wonder it was cheap. Of course it was hot and muggy. So we had to have the fan cranked and the door to the patio open the entire time. Then the mosquitoes came to visit. Our strategy was to crank the fan on turbo so the skeeters couldn’t gain any traction. The oscillation part of the fan was annoying while we slept so we had to throw on some extra blankets. Kinda defeated the whole purpose but it all worked out. Lesson learned again. Review bookings before booking!

Tuesday we got up early and head for the airport for our flight to Montreal, Canada.  The direct train to the airport was a quick 30 minutes. 15 minutes after that we were chilling in the lounge enjoying some breakfast. Overall the entire transition to Montreal was quite smooth.

It’s been a great visit here in Montreal. We spent sometime exploring the old streets downtown. It’s funny that we’ve been coming here to visit Mashs Brother for years and we never really went downtown. Cool city!

Wrap Up

It’s been a busy 3 months exploring the Balkans but it’s nice to be back in North America.

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