Journaling The Journey

Rob and Masha at Wadi Rum

About the Dancing Pandas

We are Rob and Masha and we love travel and adventure.  Our whole lives we have been passionate about traveling as much as we could. Taking a year off when our son was a toddler to travel though Europe and Central America.

Rob and Masha in Fiji
Rob and Masha Fiji

We continued our travels as adventure racers: Racing all over the world with our Dancing Pandas team, hiking, mountain biking, climbing, running, kayaking, etc., Basically using any form of non motorized sport to get us across 100’s of miles with map and compass non stop over 2 – 10 days.

The Dancing Pandas coming in 3rd after many days of non stop racing at the Four Winds Supreme Adventure Race
Finishing the Four Winds Adventure Race in 3rd Place

A few years ago, the executive world was getting a bit too stressful and Monday mornings were feeling like we were on a treadmill of life.  So, we sold our house, donated all of our worldly possessions and hit the road with a backpack. 

Rob and Masha at the First Class Emirates in Flight Bar.
Emirates in Flight Bar – Travel Hacking has Advantages

Rob had started travel hacking in 2012, earning miles and points  to afford us the ability to travel in style and on a budget.  We will be sharing our tool box of tips and tricks with you throughout our blog so that you too can travel like us – Dancing Panda style.

Rob and Masha at the Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China