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Vilnius Weekend Trip: Fun 36 Hour Vilnius Travel Guide

Vilnius Weekend Trip https://dancingpandas.com/2024/07/vilnius-weekend-trip/

Vilnius, Lithuania’s lively capital city, is a haven for history buffs, art lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. Steeped in history, Vilnius has a charming medieval old town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, alongside a youthful energy and contemporary art scene. Whether you’re a passionate foodie or a museum enthusiast, Vilnius offers something for […]

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Belarus Visa Free: Brest – Grodno 6 Day Best Itinerary

Belarus visa free

Belarus is known for its beautiful natural landscapes – lush forests and sparkling lakes, earning it the nickname “the lungs of Europe.” But beyond its natural beauty, this country offers a unique blend of history and culture. You’ll find wide, modern avenues next to charming cobblestone streets. This country is well known for it’s grand […]

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Moldova Travel Guide: 5 Great Days

Moldova Travel Guide, budget travel

Moldova is a country that most likely you have not heard of.  However, once you realize all that this tiny nation has to offer, we hope that your interest will be sufficiently peaked to find out more! This country is a hidden gem tucked between Romania and Ukraine. It offers an interesting blend of historical […]

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Tunisia Best 2 Week Itinerary

Tunisia 2 Week Guide

After traveling extensively through Mauritania, Algeria and Libya, Tunisia felt like we landed in an exotic mix of Greece and Turkey, with a mix of cultures and scenery.  Tunisia totally blew us away – it has fascinating history, sandy beaches, and even vast deserts, all in one place! If you are looking for an alternative […]

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Libya Travel Guide: 8 Magic Places


Libya, offers a treasure trove of historical and cultural experiences for intrepid travelers. This guide outlines an itinerary that showcases the best of what Libya has to offer, taking you from Roman ruins to ancient Berber settlements. The coast has Leptis Magna and Sabratha, two UNESCO World Heritage Sites with impressive Roman ruins.  Here one […]

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Algeria Hidden Treasures – 11 Days

Djanet Algeria

Algeria, Africa’s largest nation, offers an unexpected adventure beyond the usual tourist hotspots.  This is a land of fascinating contrasts. It beckons the adventurous traveler with its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant culture. This journey takes us beyond the stereotypical images of vast deserts, delving into the heart of a country where Roman ruins […]

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Mauritania: 5 Interesting Places


Mauritania, a vast blend of ochre sands and captivating cultures, often sparks curiosity but remains relatively unexplored. This journey took us beyond the iconic Sahara Desert dunes, delving into the historical and cultural gems scattered across the Mauritanian landscape. Nouakchott, the bustling and congested capital,  was merely our jumping off point. Our true adventure began […]

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Latvia Itinerary- 4 to 6 Days of Amazing Castles & Nature

All Latvia itinerary needs Old Town Riga

Latvia is a lovely country sandwiched between Estonia and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea.  Soon after the fall of the Soviet Union, Latvia gained it’s independence and in 2004 it  joined the EU and NATO.  Subsequently, Latvia has been flourishing ever since! So, let’s talk about the interesting history of Latvia.  This area was first […]

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Mali: 5 Amazing Days

Off the beaten path

Mali, the land of emperors, epic landscapes, and the captivating pulse of West Africa, often sparks curiosity laced with a touch of apprehension. Headlines can paint a picture of a nation grappling with security concerns, deterring some travelers from exploring its rich offerings. But for those willing to venture beyond the headlines, Mali offers an […]

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