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Our 10 Travel Tips During Covid-19

Top 10 Travel Tips during COVID 19

We came back to British Columbia in March and hunkered down for 3 months during the major uncertainty of COVID-19.  As things opened up and travel throughout BC and Alberta become possible, we immediately jumped on the opportunity.   We have learned a lot during this time.  Here are our top 10 tips for safer travel […]

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How Many Different Beds In 2 Years?

Some of the MANY beds we’ve had lately. Well its been one month in one place now. We haven’t done this for a few years. With this Covid-19 down time I decided to count up how many different places we’ve slept in the last two years. I was quite surprised from the results on how […]

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Affordable Paradise on Ometepe

Affordable Paradise on Ometepe

Are you dreaming of the hot sun beaming down on you?  Perhaps the scent of pineapples, bananas and coffee plantations growing steps away from a jungle hiking trail?  The sound and sights of colorful birds and monkeys frolicking beside you? Or swimming in and under pristine waterfalls and lagoons?  Yes, all these things and so […]

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Galapagos on a Budget

View of the Galapagos from the sky

Many of us dream of going to the Galapagos Islands.  The thought of seeing animals and bird species not seen anywhere else in the world is certainly a huge draw.  Yet, instinctively so many people think that the price tag is well out of their reach.  Are the Galapagos Islands accessible on a budget?  Your […]

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Is Tuvalu Worth a Visit?

Is Tuvalu worth a visit? Take a look at this picture

Flying into Tuvalu was a feast for the eyes.  Framed by palm fringed beaches a multitude of  blue hues danced in the sunlight below us.  The main coral atoll with the airport on it, is a thin strip of land that forms a circle which does not fully connect.  There is a lagoon in the […]

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Montevideo Street Art

Montevideo Street Art Palermo

Montevideo is the capital of the second smallest country in South America – Uruguay.  It is an eclectic town with progressive views and a mini Buenos Aires feel.  The city is bursting with colors, most notably from it’s fantastic street art found all over the city.   History of Street Art in Montevideo Church and state, […]

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Kiribati is a Beach Lovers Paradise

Kiribati a Beach Lovers Paradise Travel Full timeTravel

Ever seen images of picture perfect strands of beach surrounded by aqua blue shoreline of unimaginable beauty?  Your eyes close as you fantasize about being in that warm crystal clear water bathed by the hot equatorial sun.  Yup, that is Kiribati a true beach lovers paradise. Kiribas’ Geography Kiribati (pronounced Kiribas) consists of 33 coral […]

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Getting to Nauru

Getting to Nauru typical scenes

Exploring the South Pacific was like putting together a very difficult jigsaw puzzle.  Fitting as many countries into our 4 month itinerary without wasting any additional fuel was the key.  Nauru is the world’s smallest independent republic, so it had to be visited!  Since flights are extremely limited in this part of the world everything […]

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