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3 Steps to Save Money on Online Shopping

Shopping Online 3 tips to save money

Nowadays online shopping is the way that most of us shop, right?  It is so much easier than going to a store and picking out the items that we need.  The stores are busy and don’t always have exactly what we need.  Yet online – well there we have so many options and it is so easy to do!

However, wouldn’t it be better if we could also save money while shopping online?  Absolutely!  We have put together a few easy steps for you to save money every time you shop on online.

What is a Shopping Portal for Online Shopping?

Online Shopping Portals are websites that help you to earn bonus rewards for shopping online.  Going through a portal does not alter your shopping experience in any way.  It just takes a few more steps and minutes to get these extra savings!

If you are not using shopping portals for your online shopping you are giving up cash,  Airline Miles, Hotel rewards Points and bank points.  All of these can help you save money and/or get to your next vacation faster!

How Shopping Portals Save Money

Shopping portals are online platforms that direct consumers to various retailers, offering a way to earn cash back, points, or miles on purchases made through their links. Here’s why using shopping portals can save you money:

Cash Back and Rewards: Many shopping portals partner with retailers to offer a percentage of your purchase back in the form of cash, points, or miles. This essentially means you get a discount on everything you buy through the portal.

Stacking Savings: Shopping portals allow you to combine their rewards with other promotions, discounts, and coupons offered by retailers. This “stacking” maximizes your savings.

Exclusive Offers: Portals often have exclusive deals and higher cash back rates with certain retailers, providing additional savings opportunities that aren’t available directly on retailer websites.

Free Membership: Most shopping portals are free to join, meaning there’s no cost barrier to start earning rewards on your purchases.

Tracking and Transparency: These platforms provide tracking tools to ensure you’re earning the rewards you’re entitled to, offering transparency and peace of mind.

How to Use Shopping Portals Effectively:

Compare Portals: Different portals offer different cash back rates. Use comparison websites or tools to find the portal offering the highest reward for your intended purchase. 

Install Browser Extensions: Many portals offer browser extensions that notify you when a reward is available on the site you’re visiting, making it easier to remember to use the portal.

Here is the step by step process of how to use shopping portals effectively:

Step 1

First place I start is cashback monitor. Then I type into the search bar the name of the place I want to do the online shopping at.  I then see if any of the shopping portals are paying out and how much.

For example when I search Hotels.com I can see who in four different categories is paying out. Personally I prefer cashback with Top CashBack, Rakuten or Swagbucks but there may be an increased payout with someone else. Curious if it’s a good rate? Click on ‘View Best Rate History’

tips to save money online shopping
how to use a shopping portals to save money

Step 2

A few things to remember:

  • Make sure to turn off any ad blockers.
  • Clear any cookies? I never do this but I’ve read others do. I guess you could just do all of this in an incognito widow.
  • Be sure not to click away and open new windows as your purchase may not get properly tracked.
  • Use the best credit card for any additional benefits.
  • Read the terms once you click through. Some items may be exempt, like gift cards(Boo!).
  • Traveling internationally? Make sure your VPN is set for the country you are purchasing from.

Step 3

I keep a reminder in my calendar for every few months to withdraw my portal payments and to keep an eye on any big $ that may not be tracking properly.

Wrap Up

Using shopping portals will save you money on your online shopping!  You can also earn extra airline miles, hotel points or bank points.  All of these will ultimately save you money or springboard you to that next vacation that you have been dreaming of!

Do you use cashback portals?  Which one is your favorite?  

Here is another money saving tip for your online shopping, look for savings on platforms like Amazon.  This offer was provided recently and there may be others – savings at amazon.com

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