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Last updated on November 25th, 2022 at 09:35 pm

Like any good carpenter, tools are very important. Since we are constantly on the move I always find myself researching how to get to the next destination. One tool we use to get from A to B is Rome2rio. I can plug in any address, airport code, city and then a destination and boom! How to walk, bus, taxi, drive, train, ferry or fly there. It also displays the estimated time and cost which helps weed out options quickly.

Rome2RIO -Step 1

Lets say you’ve been up in Whistler, BC playing in the mountains and want to head down to Tofino on Vancouver Island and splash around in the Pacific surf.  In this ‘Bus, Car, Ferry’ example, I put the cursor on the bus leg on the map and the stops get highlighted. As you move your courser over the options on the left, the routes get highlighted on the map on the right. As you continue to click through you’ll get to the schedule. Choose a departure time and click directly through to the bus website. 

Rome2Rio – Step 2

Or lets say you want to make a stop in beautiful Vancouver on the way over to the Island. And why wouldn’t you?! Just click on the pink colored ‘+’ button to add another stop. You’ll then be able to click and slide the ‘cells’ in the order you want. Once you add a stop along your route, the list on the left shows the transport choices for the individual legs displayed on the map on the right.  Once you’ve decided on the mode of transportation for that leg, click on an option and it then moves on to the next leg. You can also book some things directly if you see a ticket icon.rome2rio ticket icon

Additional Benefits from Rome2Rio

I just clicked through and purchased some bus tickets from a Bulgarian company called Karat-S. 

I always like to go directly to a website after clicking through a shopping portal first. In this case there wasn’t one I could find. Interestingly, by going directly to the Karat S web site I could only get as far as the final payment page before it kept kicking me back to the home page. I tried clicking through with my VPN off but that didn’t help. But clicking through Rome2rio, it brought me right to the payment page. Who knew?!

Rome2rio is also available as an app on your mobile for Apple and Android.

Of course Google maps is probably my main day to day navigation tool. For complicated routing though, Rome2rio is much more user friendly. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google gobbles them up some day in an acquisition. It’s definitely our go ‘2’ for how to get from A 2  B


Rome2Rio Wrap Up

Rome2Rio is a very useful travel tool for many reasons.  It saves time and provides great options for the traveler.  In addition it may allow you to go through shopping portals prior to check out – in case you cannot check out normally. 

Have you ever used Rome2rio?  What do you think?  Are there other websites or apps that do a better job?  We would love to hear from you.  

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Let us know what you think and connect with us!  We love meeting like minded travelers who are looking for the best travel tools out there – like Rome2Rio.

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