Journaling The Journey

Shopping online? Go through a shopping portal, period!

If we spend ANY money online we check if there is a shopping portal paying out first. Shopping portals pay you money if you click through their links so if we have to spend money anyways, we may as well get a little back.

First place I start is cashback monitor. Then type in the search bar where I want to shop and see if there even is a portal paying out and if so, who’s paying what.

For example when I search Hotels.com I can see who in four different categories is paying out. Personally I prefer cashback with Top CashBack, Ebates or Swagbucks but there may be an increased payout with someone else. Curious if it’s a good rate? Click on ‘View Best Rate History’

A few things to remember:

  • Make sure to turn off any ad blockers.
  • Clear any cookies? I never do this but I’ve read others do. I guess you could just do all of this in an incognito widow.
  • Be sure not to click away and open new windows as your purchase may not get properly tracked.
  • Use the best credit card for any additional benefits.
  • Read the terms once you click through. Some items may be exempt, like gift cards(Boo!).
  • Traveling internationally? Make sure your VPN is set for the country you are purchasing from.

I keep a reminder in my calendar for every few months to withdraw my portal payments and to keep an eye on any big $ that may not be tracking properly.

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