Just outside Luanda, lies a strangely beautiful landscape sculpted by nature over millions of years. About an hour drive from the capital (62 km or 38 miles), erosion from wind and rain has transformed weathered rock into a moonscape of canyons and ridges, visible right off the main road.  Miradouro da Lua, which translates to “Viewpoint of the Moon” in Portuguese, offers a stunning panorama showcasing colorful rock layers.

Standing at the cliffside, these unusual rock formations look like they are shrinking towards the ocean – a hallmark of a karst landscape, shaped by the slowly dissolving limestone and it’s other rocks. While this unique topography stretches for a few miles along the cliffs separating the road and the beach, Miradouro da Lua provides the best viewpoint to appreciate the full grandness and beauty of this lunar-like terrain.

The dramatic ravines and the landscape itself are especially breathtaking at sunset, when fading sunlight bathes the rocks in a vibrant red glow. The beauty of Miradouro da Lua was even captured in the final scene of a 1993 film of the same name, which explored the relationship between Angola and its former Portuguese colonizers through the story of one family.

Wrap Up – 7 Must do Things in Angola

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Our amazing guide Marta and our driver DaSantos in Calandula.

Angola is a large country with a lot to see and do. Therefore one must plan carefully prior to arrival. There are a number of places to visit, but our top 7 are the following:

  1. The Angola Tribes: Mumuhuila People of Chibia, the Humbi People of Humbe and the Hakaona People of Oncocua, the Dimba People of Cahama.
  2. Namibe Desert (Angola)/Iona National Park
  3. Serra da Leba
  4. Tundavala Gap
  5. Calandula Falls
  6. Pedras Negra
  7. Viewpoint of the Moon

Have you been or done any of our must do things in Angola?  We would love to hear from you in the comments to hear about what we missed!