Journaling The Journey

Sri Lanka’s 10 Most Magical Places

Sri Lanka Buddhist Monks

Sri Lanka is a gorgeous island country located just south of India.  On the map it looks like a teardrop! Out of the 127 countries that we have been lucky enough to visit, Sri Lanka is definitely one of our top 10 favorites. Why?  First, it’s the amazing people.  Of course a lot of places […]

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Philippines – 19 Interesting Things and a Shocking One

Philippines 19 interesting things and 1 that shocked me

The Philippines is our 126th country out of the 197 that we want to visit on this planet. So many of our close friends are originally from the Philippines. So, we have been dreaming about coming here! And for good reason. There is so much to explore on these islands. Especially the beaches with their […]

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The 8 Best Gems of Lithuania

Vilnius Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the three Baltic countries that gained it’s independence during the fall of the Soviet Union.  The other 2 are Estonia (the smallest of the Baltics) and Latvia.  Honestly, the Baltics hold a special place in my heart.  No trip to eastern Europe is complete without discovering the top gems of Lithuania […]

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Latvia Itinerary- 4 to 6 Days of Castles & Nature

All Latvia itinerary needs Old Town Riga

Latvia is a lovely country sandwiched between Estonia and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea.  Soon after the fall of the Soviet Union, Latvia gained it’s independence and in 2004 it  joined the EU and NATO.  Subsequently, Latvia has been flourishing ever since! So, let’s talk about the interesting history of Latvia.  This area was first […]

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3 Amazing Weeks in Estonia – Our Itinerary

Talinn a must on any Estonia Itinerary

Today it is impossible to think that Estonia was once a part of the USSR.  Because now, Estonia is one of the most developed nations in the world.  In addition it is the most advanced digital society.  The tiny nation is packed with a unique blend of culture, history and natural beauty that makes Estonia […]

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Laos Fast Train Tickets – How to get them!

Laos-China fast train tickets how to get them

The Laos fast train has been anticipated for a very long time.  Before it’s inception in late 2021, it was difficult and timely to travel between the north of the country – Boten and the southern capital of Vientiane.  In fact to just drive the distance without stopping would take a minimum of 20 hours. […]

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5 Best Vegan Restaurants in Bangkok

One of the best of the 5 best vegan restaurants in Bangkok

Thailand is one of the best and easiest places to find vegan food.  Chiang Mai has always been one of our favorite places to find it.  And this time we discovered  5 of the best vegan restaurants in Bangkok.  Truly delicious and mouthwatering dishes from sushi to tiramisu and a lot in between!  Read on […]

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Finding Rare Proboscis Monkeys

Finding the rare Proboscis Monkeys

Once I saw a picture of elusive Proboscis Monkeys, I knew I had to see them for my myself.  But where?  Finding the rare Proboscis Monkeys is not so easy.  Why?  Because they can only be found on the island of Borneo.  Interestingly, this small island is home to 3 countries: Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.  […]

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12 Interesting Facts about Seoul and 1 Scary One!

12 Interesting and 1 Scary Facts About Seoul

Seoul is a fascinating, cosmopolitan city with over 2000 years of history.  It is considered a megacity because it has a population of over 10 million people.  There are so many intriguing things about this city! In some ways Seoul reminded us of Singapore.  We found 12 interesting facts about Seoul. Yet the city has […]

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4 Bali Properties to Maintain our Hyatt Globalist Status

Maintaining Hyatt Globalist status in Bali

The Hyatt Globalist status is revered by many.  Because it is considered to be the best hotel loyalty program out there.  And we can see why!  Yet, usually the only way to get to this level is to spend a minimum of 60 nights in one of the Hyatt properties.  This can be time consuming […]

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