Journaling The Journey

Guam: 2 Day Exotic Tropical Paradise

Hyatt Regency Guam, Ritidian Point, Gun Beach, Tumon Beach, Two Lovers Point

Guam is a pretty dot of land in the Western Pacific.  This US Territory is surrounded by white sandy beaches, a lush jungle with 106 mountains and see your toes clear blue water.  Magic! On our journey to see and experience every country in the world, we kept on coming through the tropical island of […]

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Marshall Islands – 3 Best Things to See and Do

Best things to see and do in Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands is an island nation made up of extremely remote low-lying islands and jaw dropping skinny atolls.  From the plane, all we saw were these long strands of land half encircled by white sandy beaches in the middle of a blue and turquoise see through water.  Just wow! The main island of Majuro is […]

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Micronesia – 3 Ancient, Fabulous & Scary Experiences

Micronesia, Pohnpei, Nan Madol, Kepirohi Waterfall, Ant Atoll

Micronesia is a a UN recognized country, which is comprised of a group of islands located in the western Pacific Ocean. It is a land of stunning natural beauty, with clear blue waters, white sand beaches, and lush rain-forests.  Micronesia is also home to a rich and diverse culture, with over 8 different languages spoken […]

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Fukuoka – 36 Hours of Magic


Fukuoka is a vibrant city in Japan’s Kyushu region (the southern part). It is known for its laid back style, delicious food, stunning temples, canals, friendly people, and lively nightlife. We were travelling from Mongolia and got a 2 night layover here – a place in Japan that we had never visited before!  What a […]

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Mongolia – An Awesome & Detailed 7 Day Itinerary

Mongolia Itinerary to Kharkhorin , Mini Gobi and Hustai National Park

Mongolia is a fascinating country.  It is home to some of the most unspoiled wilderness in the world, a nomadic culture and people, as well as an incredibly rich history! Did you know that the Mongolian Empire was the largest contiguous empire in the history of the world?  It is often identified as the “Mongol […]

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Timor Leste – 4 Day Itinerary of this Beautiful Little-Known Country

Timor Leste Itinerary, East Timor

Timor Leste (or East Timor) is a fascinating island nation located just north of Australia.   Few people know about this countries’ gorgeous beaches, vibrant coral reefs, rugged mountains, rich cultural heritage and captivating history.  However, there is little infrastructure in the country, especially outside of the capital, Dili to get to all of these hidden […]

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A Useful Guide to Couple Travel for All 16 Personality Types

guide to couple travel guide, MBTI personality types,

Traveling as a couple can be a great way to bond, explore new places, and make memories that will last a lifetime. But it can also be challenging, especially if you and your partner have different personality types. That’s where the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) comes in. The MBTI is a personality test that helps […]

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Myanmar: The Friendly, Cheap, Romantic and Safe Travel Destination

Myanmar Featured Image

For decades now, I have been yearning to travel to Myanmar.  After seeing so many images of the Buddhist temples and pagodas, I was left wondering, could Myanmar be as amazing as Thailand or Sri Lanka?  Understandably, our biggest concern about traveling to Myanmar was the ongoing civil war and our safety.  There were very […]

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