Journaling The Journey

Laas Geel – Stunning Jewel of Somaliland – 2 days

Laas Geel cave art Laas Gaal Hargeisa Somaliland

The prehistoric rock art paintings of Laas Geel are thought to be some of the oldest and most beautiful in Africa.  Located just 50 km from Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland they are not that hard to get to.  Or are they?  We break down the somewhat complicated process of getting to the Laas Gaal […]

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Mundari Tribe – 2 Extraordinary Days

Mundari Juba Cows

In this modern day and age it is difficult to think about people living off the land without technology, electricity or even running water.  Yet, the Mundari Tribe is doing just that!  Their lives revolve around their prized possessions – their cows!  Learn about these extraordinary people and how we came to spend 2 marvelous […]

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2 Free in Airport Hotels – Bahrain and Addis Ababa

Free hotels in Airport Bahrain Addis Ababa free massage hotel

Arriving in an airport for a long layover is never a lot of fun!  However there are some hidden perks when you do,  in 2 places:  One is the Bahrain International Airport and the other is the Addis Ababa Airport! Read on to find out the tips and tricks we use to qualify for these free […]

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Al Ula on a Budget and 6 Free Things to Do

Al Ula Saudi Arabia Harrat Viewpoint

Al Ula is a magical and mystical city in the northwest of Saudi Arabia.  It truly is the gem of the country and is a must on any itinerary.  Yes, even a budget one! We will show you how to experience Al Ula on a budget with 6 free things to do!  Yes, free!  And […]

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Amazing 5 day Stay – Courtyard Marriott Kuwait City

Courtyard Marriott Kuwait City Bonvoy point value

The Courtyard Marriott Kuwait City truly did amaze us!  The level of services and attention to detail for the price was an extraordinary bargain and we can’t wait to tell you about it. As many of you know, we travel 100% of the time.  And we stay in hotel chains most of the time.  Because […]

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Cheap Maldives – 10 Fabulous Days

Maldives Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Cheap

Cheap Maldives – these words are typically not found in the same sentence.  However, we were able to spend 10 days at an over the water bungalow and beach suite resort in the Maldives for  $75/night.  How?  Well read on and find out! As always this is a totally independent and candid review.  We did […]

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Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort – 1 Incredible Week

Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort French Polynesia

The Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort Thalasso Spa is a luxurious oasis in the heart of the South Pacific.  It is set among shimmering turquoise waters and surrounded by majestic mountains. We could only dream of staying in this swanky and unique retreat. However with our travel hacking points and miles game we did not have […]

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Radisson Blu Resort Maldives – 2 Splendid Weeks on a Budget

Radisson Blue Resort Maldives

Have you seen those pictures of over the water bungalows hanging on top of the most ultra blue water, jumping dolphins and colorful fish “dancing” in the background?  Well, we just spent 2 magnificent weeks at the Radisson Blu Resort Maldives which is exactly that and so much more! Read on to find out how […]

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Mountain Gorillas – #1 Place to See them Ethically & Cheap

Mountain Gorillas Bwindi Uganda Cheap Ethical

Ever since we saw Sir David Attenborough sharing his stories about mountain gorillas  we have dreamed of trekking with them ourselves.  To do this ethically was our first priority.  Our second was the budget. However, we did find a great way to see them for a reasonable cost that supports the conservation efforts of these […]

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Qatar – 12 Interesting Things

Bear at Hamad Airport in Doha Qatar

Now that the FIFA World Cup is decided in Qatar, the party may be over.  But is it? Qatar continues to shine with it’s opulent and very impressive capital of Doha.  In addition this peninsula has a deep golden desert and warm shallow waters with sandy beaches located in the north east. And the shopping:  […]

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