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Best Beaches in Tobago

Pigeon Point Beach is the best beach in Tobago

Last updated on November 22nd, 2022 at 01:06 am

We love finding stunning beaches in exotic destinations.  In this post we share Tobago’s 5 best beaches.  There are many beaches here, but not all are swimable or even desirable.  Therefore, it is important to know where to find the hidden gems.  Read on as we share locations of where to dip your toes into the clear, warm water of Tobago’s best beaches.

Best Beaches in Tobago

The best beaches in Trinidad and Tobago are actually in Tobago.  The island of Trinidad suffers from a very high crime rate (the 6th highest in the world).  Luckily the island of Tobago is much safer.  Furthermore, it is easy to fly directly into Tobago.  We took a 30 minute connection flight from the main island to the smaller quieter island of Tobago.

#1 Pigeon Point Beach

Pidgeon Point our best beach in Tobago
Pidgeon Point Beach

Pigeon Point is a nature reserve which has many palm trees to stroll culminating in a stretch of fine white sand and turquoise, “see your toes” water.  The water is quite shallow and calm.  The views are picture postcard beautiful making it our best beach in  Tobago.

The area around the beach has a few cute souvenir shops, food stalls, washroom and shower facilities and chair rentals.  A popular way to spend an afternoon at Pigeon Point beach is to hop on a glass-bottom boat tour of nearby Buccoo Reef. This incredible area is made up of five reef flats that make up a small lagoon, surrounded by vibrant coral. The locals have dubbed it the ‘Nylon Pool’ thanks to its brilliant color. The reef was closed due to COVID during our visit.  However, we have been told that you can expect to see a number of tropical fish, either by staying in the boat or snorkeling.

The nature reserve does have a $3/person entry fee (cash only).

#2 Pirate’s Bay Beach

Pirates Bay Beach our second best beach in Tobago
Pirates Bay Beach

Pirate’s Bay is a remote beach which can be reached by foot or by boat.  It is located on the north western end of Tobago.  From the north end of Charlotteville (near Seaside Kitchen) you will find a track running north parallel to the beach.  The track climbs steeply for half a mile and then a path branches off to the left leading down to the beach. The descent is very steep with the last sections consisting of concrete steps (the climb back up is very strenuous). The bay can also be accessed by boat from the village.

The Bay is small and sheltered with a perfect crescent of very fine golden sand.  The central section is very good for swimming, with a gentle slope into the water and few rocks around. The left and right edges of the bay have some of the best and most accessible snorkeling in Tobago with a huge variety of undamaged corals and sponges, teeming with shoals of brightly colored fish. The small rocky outcrop a few hundred yards from the beach on the right hand side is a particularly rewarding area to explore.

There are overhanging trees around the back of the beach that provide some shade from the sun.

If this beach was more accessible it would be the #1 best beach in Tobago.

#3 Store Bay Beach

Store Bay Beach our third best beach in Tobago
Store Bay Beach

This beach is located 5 minutes from the Tobago airport.  We were staying at an Airbnb apartment at Crown Point Beach Resort and had this beach right below us.  There are a lot of amenities above this lovely swath of sand including cafes and a few craft shops.  Sugarlips has an umbrella and lounge rental program here as well as boat rides to Buccoo Reef (COVID restrictions permitting).

The beach is only 200 meters wide.  Yet the white sand, the crystal clear warm water and it’s accessibility make it our #3 of the best beaches in  Tobago.

#4 Englishman’s Bay Beach

English Bay Beach our fourth best beach in Tobago
Englishman’s Bay Beach

Englishman’s Bay Beach is another secluded crescent of golden sand and crystal clear calm water.  This beach is located just 45 minutes from Scarborough and about 1. 5 km past Castara.  Please note that the beach is not visible from the Northside Road. Look for a blue and white sign indicating a left turn. Follow the unpaved road to the end and there you will find the classic crescent shaped beach nestled between the thick tropical rainforest and the clear blue Caribbean Sea.

The destination is ideal for swimming, snorkeling and even camping. Chairs, umbrellas and snorkeling equipment can be rented.  It is a nesting ground for  leatherback turtles and is a popular mooring spot for yachts. There is food for sale as well as local crafts.

The romantic seclusion of this beach makes it one of the best ones in Tobago.

#5 Parlatuvier Bay Beach

Parlatuvier Beach our fifth best beach in Tobago

Parlatuvier Bay is located at the North Western end of Tobago.  It is another gem on the island mostly due to it’s secluded nature.   About 50 minutes drive from Scarborough, Parlatuvier Bay is a tranquil beach about 500 metres long. It is partly sheltered, so the water is usually quite calm with small lapping waves. However, the waves can at times be strong, so please be careful.

This beach is at times called a diamond in the rough and it’s laid back style, calm secluded water make it one of the best in Tobago.

Wrap Up

We love Tobago best beaches sign

The best beaches in Trinidad and Tobago are located on the west coast of Tobago.  There are quite a few hidden gems on this calm and laid back island.

Have you been to some of these golden sand beaches?  Did we miss any?  We would love to hear from you!

And if you liked these beaches we hope you will read about our other favorites in the Caribbean – Antigua, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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