Journaling The Journey

Vilnius Weekend Trip: Fun 36 Hour Vilnius Travel Guide

Vilnius Weekend Trip https://dancingpandas.com/2024/07/vilnius-weekend-trip/

Vilnius, Lithuania’s lively capital city, is a haven for history buffs, art lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. Steeped in history, Vilnius has a charming medieval old town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, alongside a youthful energy and contemporary art scene. Whether you’re a passionate foodie or a museum enthusiast, Vilnius offers something for […]

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Belarus Visa Free: Brest – Grodno 6 Day Best Itinerary

Belarus visa free

Belarus is known for its beautiful natural landscapes – lush forests and sparkling lakes, earning it the nickname “the lungs of Europe.” But beyond its natural beauty, this country offers a unique blend of history and culture. You’ll find wide, modern avenues next to charming cobblestone streets. This country is well known for it’s grand […]

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Moldova Travel Guide: 5 Great Days

Moldova Travel Guide, budget travel

Moldova is a country that most likely you have not heard of.  However, once you realize all that this tiny nation has to offer, we hope that your interest will be sufficiently peaked to find out more! This country is a hidden gem tucked between Romania and Ukraine. It offers an interesting blend of historical […]

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Latvia Itinerary- 4 to 6 Days of Amazing Castles & Nature

All Latvia itinerary needs Old Town Riga

Latvia is a lovely country sandwiched between Estonia and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea.  Soon after the fall of the Soviet Union, Latvia gained it’s independence and in 2004 it  joined the EU and NATO.  Subsequently, Latvia has been flourishing ever since! So, let’s talk about the interesting history of Latvia.  This area was first […]

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The 8 Best Gems of Lithuania

Vilnius Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the three Baltic countries that gained it’s independence during the fall of the Soviet Union.  The other 2 are Estonia (the smallest of the Baltics) and Latvia.  Honestly, the Baltics hold a special place in my heart.  No trip to eastern Europe is complete without discovering the top gems of Lithuania […]

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3 Amazing Weeks in Estonia – Our Itinerary

Talinn a must on any Estonia Itinerary

Today it is impossible to think that Estonia was once a part of the USSR.  Because now, Estonia is one of the most developed nations in the world.  In addition it is the most advanced digital society.  The tiny nation is packed with a unique blend of culture, history and natural beauty that makes Estonia […]

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15 Best things to See and Do in Iceland

Icelandic Horses best things to see and do in Iceland

To me, the mere mention of Iceland has always evoked images of the raw and powerful beauty of nature. Yet, my imagination was not as breathtaking as what we witnessed.  Although the island is quite small, there are so many best and competing things to see and do in Iceland. Subsequently, we were able to […]

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How we can Help Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine

My heart is broken.  What is happening in Kyiv and Ukraine overall is unimaginable.  This is a country that has been under attack since 2014 and shamefully we and the rest of the world have done very little but turn a blind eye on the Russian encroachment of this peaceful nation. We were very lucky […]

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Vegan Restaurants in Sofia Bulgaria

Bulgaria's Grand Hotel with flowers all around it

Throughout our week in Sofia we discovered many good  vegan restaurants.  And some that were not that great. Surprisingly there were a few to choose from.  Here is our list of vegan restaurants in Sofia: Trip map created with Wanderlog, a trip planner on iOS and Android Soul Kitchen Soul Kitchen is a vegan high […]

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Plovdiv Bulgaria Full Itinerary

Kapana and it's Street Art makes Plovdiv a must visit place on any Bulgarian Itinerary

Originally Plovdiv was thought to be the oldest city in Europe.  It’s history is now under question due to new archaeological developments.  However, it is believed to have been settled for 6,000 years.  And continuously inhabited since that time.  This makes Plovdiv a treasure trove for antiquity lovers and a must visit on any Bulgaria […]

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