Journaling The Journey

Milos Greece – Best things to see and do

Plaka Milos Greece

Milos is yet another stunning island in the Cyclades of the Greek Islands.  Yet it truly stands out.  Why?  Well because to many it is the most exotic island in the Aegean Sea.   Milos is painted with extraordinary colors and a stunning landscape throughout.   Volcanic rocks paint the beaches red, pink and orange.  There are […]

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Eastern Calabria – 6 Amazing Towns you Cannot Miss

Eastern Calabria Italy

Eastern Calabria is very different from it’s western more populated part.  Yet they both share a fascinating fusion of hundreds of miles of coastline with ancient rocky outcrops, interesting history and mountains. The drive from Matera in Basilicata to eastern Calabria was quite long, so we decided to spend a night in Le Castella – […]

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Best Places to See on the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast Best Places To See

Every time I visit this magical coast I see something new, feel a new emotion or find an even more memorable spot to swoon over.  We have frequented these enchanting parts numerous times.  Each time I fall in love deeper and harder with the gems that we discover .  At this point I think that […]

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Western Calabria – 6 Stunning Towns

Geographically, Calabria is the most southern part of the Italian boot.  This southern part of Italy is such a delight.  Because it is steeped with history, ancient art, architecture, incredible vistas, sandy beaches and amazing food to dazzle all senses. Find out which areas of Calabria we enjoyed the most! Getting to Calabria Taking the […]

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Sicily – 10 Most Amazing Towns

Sicily, Italy should be on every ones bucket list.  Why?  Well it is one of Italy’s biggest hidden jewels.  The island has deep history, important archaeological sites, beautiful beaches, breathtaking hikes, good wines and some of the most charming coastal towns. Getting to Sicily Thankfully our almost 10 hour ferry ride from Malta to Catania […]

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Gozo & Comino the 2 Jewels of Malta

Gozo Comino Malta

Malta is an archipelago comprised of 3 islands.  Of course the main island is the one most people visit the most.  Yet, the true crown jewels of this country are Gozo and Comino.   The main island is the largest and is the one that we landed on first.  We grabbed a bus (which ended up […]

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