Journaling The Journey

Dominica Nature Lovers Island

Scott's Head

Dominica is a true nature lovers island.  It is set in the middle of the Caribbean and is an independent country.  Most importantly this tiny nation is covered in rainforest mountains which offer incredible vistas for hikers and seekers of hidden hot springs alike.  Unfortunately Dominica has been hit hard by many natural disasters.  Consequently, […]

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9 Best Beaches in Antigua

Best Beaches in Antigua Featured image

Antigua has some of the best beaches in the world.  Yes, the world!  Ringed with coral reefs, the island is known for its crystal clear water and pristine sandy shorelines.  There is a beach for every day of the year here! First of all, the whole coastline is considered public land.  Therefore if you can […]

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Living in Barbados – The good and the bad

Living in Barbados

We arrived in Barbados a few months ago.  Yet it feels like we have been here a lifetime.  Because life on this compact island nation is slow, fluid and highly predictable.  Therefore we want to share with you what nomad living in Barbados is like.  Ultimately we want to divulge everything that we learned : […]

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Barbados in 8 easy steps during COVID

Getting to Barbados during COVID

We returned to Canada in March due to the COVID 19 pandemic.  However, since we are nomads, we didn’t have a house to return to.  After being taken in by family for a few months, our hotel life resumed.  When the weather turned to winter we knew it was time to get going again.  The […]

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10 Travel Tips During Covid-19 to be Safe

Top 10 Travel Tips during COVID 19

We came back to British Columbia in March and hunkered down for 3 months during the major uncertainty of COVID-19.  As things opened up and travel throughout BC and Alberta become possible, we immediately jumped on the opportunity.   We have learned a lot during this time.  Here are our top 10 tips for safer travel […]

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Ometepe- Affordable Paradise

Affordable Paradise on Ometepe

Are you dreaming of the hot sun beaming down on you?  Perhaps the scent of pineapples, bananas and coffee plantations growing steps away from a jungle hiking trail?  The sound and sights of colorful birds and monkeys frolicking beside you? Or swimming in and under pristine waterfalls and lagoons?  Yes, all these things and so […]

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Galapagos on a Budget with some Luxury

View of the Galapagos from the sky

Many of us dream of going to the Galapagos Islands.  The thought of seeing animals and bird species not seen anywhere else in the world is certainly a huge draw.  Yet, instinctively so many people think that the price tag is well out of their reach.  Are the Galapagos Islands accessible on a budget?  Your […]

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