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Fake Flight Ticket to Fulfill Onward Travel Check

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Last updated on April 3rd, 2024 at 06:26 am

Recently we overheard a woman talking about buying a fake flight ticket to satisfy the onward travel check.   Well, we had to start chatting with her to find out what she was talking about!  Fake flight ticket?  What is that?

First she shared her travel style with us.  It is to work hard, save money and then travel until she runs out of cash.  Then she goes back to work and starts the cycle all over again. She mentioned how she recently avoided getting denied entry into a country even though she didn’t even need a visa.

When I asked her why she would be denied, she said it’s because she didn’t have an exit or ‘onward’ flight booked out of the country. This is when I learned about something I had never heard of before. Buying a fake flight ticket for onward travel.

What Is a Fake Flight Ticket?

A fake flight ticket is exactly what it sounds like. It’s fake. At fakeflighttickets.com, for $5 you can purchase a ‘dummy’ ticket that has been made from the same confirmation template that the airlines use with all your personal and flight info like flight #’s and times. Looks just like a regular ticket. Minus a real PNR (Passenger Name Record) or Itinerary number.

Why Would You Need a Fake Flight Ticket?

On our current trip through the South Pacific we are mostly  used one way flights. Almost every time we check in the ticket and customs agents would want to see our onward ticket exiting the country. Because I have everything pre booked I never really thought about it. But for those who are wandering aimlessly on a loose schedule in and out of countries, this is a handy tool.

Now I know many travelers like to plan last minute and I get it. Prices may be cheaper. Availability may open up. Plans may change, etc. There are a few things I like to know ahead of time when we travel.  And that is where we will be sleeping and how am I getting from A-B.

So when I begin to plan a trip I’ll always start with the main flights to and from a destination. Then I’ll start to fill in the middle with the smaller flights, land transportation, hotels, Immigration visa’s etc and have 95% of the trip booked before we even begin it.

How Does a Fake Flight Ticket Work?

Right on the main page you plug in:

  • whether you want a one way or return
  • where you are traveling from and to
  • date and Let’s go!

Then all the ‘real’ flight options pop up and you can select which one you want to book.

Enter how many people, names, email and your payment choice.

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Wrap Up – Fake Flight Tickets for Onward Travel

I get it. Buying a fake flight ticket for onward travel can be useful. If entering a country and not knowing 100% where and what I’m going to do, how can I plan on buying an exit flight?  Purchase a more expensive flight with cancellation insurance? Purchase a refundable ticket and then cancel it after I enter the country? Buy a refundable ticket, screen shot it and then cancel it before even entering the country? Not our style of travel but a notable tool for the travel tool box.

Have you ever used a Fake Flight ticket?  Do you have any other immigration tips and tricks to share?  What has been the craziest thing that you have had to do to get through immigration?

And have you read about our crazy immigration story to get to Nauru?

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  1. I had never heard of this and to be honest that makes me super nervous. But maybe that’s just me? Very interesting indeed.

  2. We never tried it, but I noticed one Filipina blogger is helping others get flight tickets for visa purposes, and people can cancel it anytime after the interview. This post is an interesting read. I am like you that I wanted to know points A and B to plan ahead of time especially we have kids with us.

    1. So true, April. Even without kids we want to know where we are going. Just a bit too scary to manufacture a ticket… but people do it! Thanks for reading.