Journaling The Journey

10 days in Crete – Was it our fave?

Our last 10 days in Greece were spent on the northern part of it’s largest island – Crete.  With thousands of years of culture and history, there are many pockets to experience and enjoy.  We will share those pockets that were our favorites but also cover the areas of Crete that we will not return […]

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Paros and Antiparos – 2 Amazing Islands

Paros and Antiparos Greek Islands

Paros quickly become one of my favorite islands of the Cyclades. It is located in the heart of the Aegean Sea and has many traditional villages showing off the unique Cycladic architecture.  The little towns are  adorned with cobblestone streets, whitewashed sugar houses and blue-domed churches. And of course Antiparos – Paros’ smaller sidekick island […]

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Milos Greece – Best things to see and do

Plaka Milos Greece

Milos is yet another stunning island in the Cyclades of the Greek Islands.  Yet it truly stands out.  Why?  Well because to many it is the most exotic island in the Aegean Sea.   Milos is painted with extraordinary colors and a stunning landscape throughout.   Volcanic rocks paint the beaches red, pink and orange.  There are […]

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